About Us

Areca Capital International Limited (“Areca Labuan”) was incorporated in the Federal Territory of Labuan on 6 August 2015 under the Labuan Companies Act, 1990. Areca Labuan is wholly owned by Areca Capital Sdn Bhd, a fund management company licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia to manage and distribute unit trust funds.

Areca Labuan is engaged in the business of managing, administering, and marketing private funds in the Federal Territory of Labuan pursuant to Part III of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010.

We provide cost-effective services and ensure that our clients invest in the right asset classes, specifically in USD denominated assets, based on the clients’ unique individual risk profiles and reward motivations. We seek to provide our clients with consistent risk-adjusted return over the long term. We pride ourselves on our professional, yet personal and friendly approach.

Areca Labuan is supported by the Group’s staff force of close to 40 highly experienced team members.

Board of Directors

Raja Datuk Zaharaton binti Raja Dato’ Zainal Abidin
Dr. Junid Saham
Danny Wong Teck Meng
Edward Iskandar Toh

The Manager

The Company has appointed Areca Capital Sdn Bhd, its holding company as the manager for the funds that the Company administers. The role and responsibilities the fund manager includes the management of the investment portfolio in accordance with the respective funds’ investment objectives as stated in the information memorandums. They will manage the portfolios in accordance to the requirement of the relevant guidelines and acts, acceptable and efficacious business practices, policies and processes determined by the Company. The fund manager will report to the investment committee of the funds and will implement the investment strategies selected by the committee.

The designated persons responsible for the management of the funds are Danny Wong Teck Meng and Edward Iskandar Toh, both licensed fund managers of Areca Capital Sdn Bhd.

Our Mission

1.    We are the trusted partner of our clients and stakeholders.
2.    We strive to deliver the best results to all stakeholders.
3.    We contribute towards the betterment of the local financial services industry.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to honesty, integrity and high ethical standards. We are extremely people-focused as we believe in a win-win approach by building long-term partnerships through personalized investor care and client-focused products.