AUD Australian Dollar, the lawful currency of Australia;
Business Day

Means a day on which commercial banks in Kuala Lumpur and Labuan are open for business and does not include Saturday, Sundays, public holidays or other holidays as declared by Manager. The Manager may declare certain Business Day to be a non-Business Day if the target Fund is close for business. This is to ensure investors are given a fair valuation of the Fund when making redemption;

Class Currency Means the currency which each Class of Units is denominated;
Class(es) of Units Means any class of Units representing similar interests in the assets of the Fund although a class of Units of the Fund may have different features from another class of Units of the same Fund and “Class” means any one class of Unit(s);
Deed(s) The deed in relation to the Fund and any other supplemental deeds that may be entered into between the Manager and the Trustee;
Euro Official Currency of the Eurozone;
Financial Institution Any institution that is licensed, registered, approved or authorised to provide financial services by the relevant banking regulator;
Fixed Income Securities Debentures, money market instruments, corporate bonds, deposits with licensed institutions and any other fixed income related instruments that are in line with the Fund’s objective;

Areca Capital Offshore Mutual Fund includes any Sub-Fund and Class;


Guidelines on Labuan Financial and Services and Securities Act 2010 (“LFSSA”) as may be amended from time to time;


Hong Kong Dollar, the lawful currency of Hong Kong;

Information Memorandum

Information Memorandum in relation to the Fund and includes any supplemental or replacement Information Memorandum;


A person who holds Units together with another person or persons;

Labuan FSA

Labuan Financial Services Authority;

Long Term

A period of more than 5 years


Areca Capital International Limited;

Medium to Long Term A period of 2 to above 5 years,
Money Market Instruments Includes but not limited to banker’s acceptance, Repo, certificates of deposit and negotiable instruments of deposits;
NAV The net asset value of the Fund, which is the value of all the assets of the Fund less the total liabilities of the Fund at the valuation point;
NAV per Unit

The NAV of the Fund divided by the number of Units in each Class in circulation at the valuation point;

Redemption The redemption by the manager of the Units owned by the Unit Holders upon a proper redemption request:
SGD Singapore Dollar, the lawful currency of Singapore;
Short-Term A period of less than 2 years;

Kensington Trust Labuan Limited;


Units of the Fund and includes a fraction of a unit of the Fund;

Unit Holder/You

A person for the time being who is registered pursuant to the Deed as a holder of Units, including a Jointholder;


United State Dollar, the lawful currency of United State of America.